Course Overview

H2S Gas Awareness training is important for all workers in the oil & gas industry. Our course was designed by Authorized OSHA trainers. Training meets many client locations in the oil field.

Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S gas training must be renewed every year per OSHA regulations and is a required course for the oil & gas industry. Many locations will not allow entry if your H2S card is not presented at the job site.

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, flammable and extremely poisonous gas with a rotten egg smell. It occurs naturally in crude petroleum and natural gas, and can be produced by the breakdown of organic matter. Workers in the oilfield must know the hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide before working on location

Course Information

H2S Gas Awareness

Course Topics

After completing this course you will understand:

    • What Is Hydrogen Sulfide?

    • Why Is H2S So Deadly?

    • Hazards of H2S

    • Toxic Effects of H2S

    • How Is H2S Formed?

    • Sources of H2S

    • Properties of H2S

    • How To Detect H2S

    • Where Is H2S Found?

    • API Condition Levels

    • Protection Against H2S

    • Entering H2S Atmospheres

    • Respiratory Protection

    • Types of Respirators SCBA Vs. Air Purifying

    • Routes of Exposure

    • H2S Symptoms

    • H2S Emergencies

H2S Card

Receive a H2S card signed by a authorized OSHA trainer. Your card is issued to you after you complete the course.

OSHA Training Requirements